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Does It Have To Be Complicated?

I remember an advert for the Olympus Trip AF from the 1980s with George Cole and David Bailey where George Cole utters the immortal line "You want to get yourself a complicated camera".

Something of a parody for sure; many of us enjoy complexity in life but it's important not to get too dizzied by it. I enjoy complexity in photography - but only after I have understood it enough to make it seem simple.

When running my photographic business I wrote various essays on aspects of photography, pretty much entirely for my own benefit. I don't think anybody else has ever read them. I will probably add to them as I go. My goal was to make the jargon-laden world of photography seem a bit simpler, because in the end it's just about pointing the camera at what you like, making it sharp and getting the right amount of light.

A Right Monkey

"My response to people who want things too technical" - A right monkey, yesterday.

If you see an error, good for you. Do let me know, but only if somewhere in your mind you entertain the notion that I could be right and you could be wrong - that way we stand the best chance of really correcting any errors that occur.