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Photographing corporate events can pay pretty well, but the key to success is to be asked back again. I had two main recurring corporate clients - Honda and Prodrive. I also did bits and pieces for a local newspaper in Balsall Common and a lifestyle magazine called One Degree East.

The key difference between these and other jobs was that the people commissioning them had probably all commissioned work like this before. There was a fine line to walk between giving them confidence you knew what you were doing and not asking them what they wanted.

The key question always seemed to be to ask them how they intended to use the pictures - to tell a story, to be a backdrop, etc.

Formula 1 Honda

A Formula 1 car in a corridor at the Four Seasons hotel in Hampshire. Because you can when you are Honda.

With many corporate events, it's important to get the corporate part in. This usally means including the logo whenever you can, as well as staying on message - which is why it's so important understanding what the message actually is.