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Day 11

Over the Pyrenees again. A late start from Haro because this was "only" going to be a 280 mile day. Some fairly random navigation meant we were only at Pamplona by lunchtime, but as we'd covered 100 miles there seemed to be no problem. The Pyrenees beckoned and worked their magic once more, with Damian, Gary and Vicki heading off into the mountains grinning from ear to ear. Coffee just over the border in France could have raised alarm bells but didn't; being 200 miles in by 7pm with the Sat Nav (and the maps if only we'd looked at them properly) suggesting another 140 miles to go started them tingling faintly. Adding in a diversion of 20 miles or so - they don't do things by halves in the Gironde regoin - plus the gathering dark and rain meant that we got to the hotel around 10:30 pm, only to discover that it was really a B&B. A very grand B&B to be sure, but definitely a B&B. And the one thing I've learned about B&Bs - whether English, French or Scottish - is that arriving late is like putting a wet spoon in the sugar bowl. Darling, simply everyone knows that it just isn't the done thing.

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