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Day 2

Woken by the tannoy coming into Tolouse. Wait a minute, aren't we getting off at Narbonne and riding back to Tolouse? Hmmm. Off at Narbonne after a similarly unsatisfactory untying experience before hitting the road and immediately going the wrong way. A ride to Millau to see the Foster-designed bridge. Delicious. Since we can design them, why can't we build bridges like that? Maybe there's not much call for them in Milton Keynes. Group split into two, four bikes went up and over the bridge and two didn't; Gary, Vicki, Mike and I did the bridge and a stellar, direct cross country ride including 35 miles of dream-like warm, smooth, traffic-free, gravel-free roads that had us all giggling like girls. After a coffee stop in a delightful little village it was onto a Peage for the last 90 miles as the moon rose. A great meal at a Brasserie 5 minutes walk from the hotel with the group all together again and distinctly non-French (ie good!) service.

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